Bohemian Feather Arrangement | 4 Different options available

  • $25.00

Ideal for any Bohemian Inspired Space are these cute natural feather arrangements. Feathers will be hand selected to ensure each display is well balanced.  A variety of feathers are used and may vary from time to time due to availability however you can be sure each one will contain a natural Guinea Fowl, Pheasant and Peacock feather. Feathers will range in length from 20-40cm and will be complimented by a small glass bottle that is decorated with a small tie around the neck of the bottle.  

Each arrangement will have slight variations from the photos but we do our best to source the highest quality of feathers for our displays. At times there may be small imperfections as the feathers are 100% natural.

You will notice three feathers joined together. These are duck feathers and are naturally a small feather. They were just too cute not to use but I needed them to have some extra height.

When your arrangement arrives, all you need to do is pop the feathers inside the bottle and enjoy the feathers' natural beauty. You can 

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