Custom Animal Skull Request

Many of the skulls are pre-ordered for customers at no extra charge!

Boho Wild work closely with the Balinese carvers who will carve a skull on request. Once the skull is complete, Boho Wild arranges the shipping and Bio Security clearances in to Australia. Boho Wild inspects the skulls prior to posting to customers to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Skulls can take up to 20 weeks, depending on each request. Some orders can be much quicker. Please ensure you advise Boho Wild of any deadlines to avoid disappointment.

Here are the steps to make a custom animal skull order:

  1. Choose the type of skull - Water Buffalo, Ram or Cow. 
  2. Decide on the size. Do you want Large or X-Large? Contact Boho Wild for sizing and pricing if you are not sure. Have a look at some of the skulls listed as a guide. 
  3. Choose a carving or maybe you just want a plain skull? Send through a photo to
  4. Once confirmed with Boho Wild, pay a $100 deposit which will be deducted from the overall price. Boho Wild will make arrangements with each customer on the preferred method of payment.
 Boho Wild looks forward to hearing from you soon.